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Glossary of Pollen and Spore Terminology

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During the 1980s the Laboratory of Palaeobotany and Palynology of the University of Utrecht has increasingly exploited the potential of its expertise in finding external funding through joint and commissioned research projects. In order to optimize legal and financial organization as well as scientific co-ordination of the resulting activities, it was decided, in consultation with the University of Utrecht, to establish the LPP Foundation (1988). Objectives of the Foundation are 'to promote research and training in the field of palaeobotany, palynology and organic petrology'. Apart from Palaeozoic-Cenozoic stratigraphic and palaeo-environmental analysis related to industrial hydrocarbon exploration, the LPP Foundation also co-ordinates palaeoecological research on short time-scales, commissioned by government agencies and foreign universities, and aimed at the study of past man-environment interaction. All profits are used in harmony with the Foundation's objectives.


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Introduction New terms Part 1 (A-C) Part 2 (D-H) Part 3 (I-O) Part 4 (P-R) Part 5 (S-Z) Literature

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